Training Courses

Safety training is an important aspect of any business to gain knowledge and maintain awareness of your industry. In order for training to be effective it needs to be interactive and interesting to keep the students attention. We will try our very best to do just that while maintaining professionalism and keeping on track of the course material. We hope that each and every student will come out of the class and can say that they learnt something new that day.


The classes we currently offer are listed below. We do offer other courses but they are based on the availability of the instructors. If you need a class that is not listed below please contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate you. 



Defensive Driving: 

This 8-hour in-class course is approved by Alberta Infrastructure. It is designed to educate all types of drivers about the hazards they face while they drive and how to improve their driving techniques. Upon completion, students who are successful are qualified to receive a 3 demerit reduction on their Alberta Drivers License.

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